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Celesco Adds Yet Another Miniature String Sensor To Lineup

Chatsworth, CA ~ Expanding its family once again, Celesco adds the SM2 to its line of economically priced, ultra compact string sensors. The new SM2 fits into just about any tight space, mounts in any direction and provides linear sensing up to 25 inches of stroke are just a few of the features of this new miniature off-the-shelf string sensor. At just over one inch in diameter, this brand-new and in-stock string sensor delivers a precise voltage divider output signal linearly proportional to the travel of it’s spring-loaded measuring cable.

Following closely on the heals of the release of the instantly popular SM1, the new SM2 provides even more value to the user with the addition of a 40-inch electrical cable and a mounting bracket that offers even more flexibility. The new miniature SM2 string sensor is the perfect solution for the single piece user and OEM alike. With full stroke measurement range options from 2.5 inches to 25 inches, this sensor is built with a rugged polycarbonate enclosure, a high-cycle conductive plastic potentiometer and withstands measuring cable “free-release” up to 15 inches.

With an excellent track record providing custom sensors to the OEM market, Celesco offers the SM2 as the perfect economical solution to meet customer specific demands. Celesco can quickly design, build and manufacture an affordably priced customized SM2 to meet just about any customer’s needs.

With such an ultra, compact design, the SM1 ensures that confined spaces are never a challenge. At just over one inch in diameter, this brand-new and in-stock string pot delivers a precise voltage divider output signal that is linearly proportional to the travel of the spring-loaded measuring cable.

“The SM2 has the same level of quality that our customers have come to expect with the SP2, just in a smaller package,” said Celesco General Manager Jim Bishop. With a weight of only three ounces, you just can’t get a more durable and reliable string pot at that size.”

As one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of linear and rotary measurement transducers, Celesco has continued to upgrade the quality of its products across all models. “With accuracy down to .25 percent and resolution specified to essentially infinite, this is the perfect low-cost solution for OEMs and single piece users,” Bishop said.

The SM1 comes in four different models: The SM2-2 with a full stroke range of 2.5 inches and a cycle life of 2.5 million cycles. The SM2-7 has a range of 7.5 inches and an accuracy of .25 percent at 500,000 cycles. The SM2-12 has a range of 12 inches and an accuracy of .25 percent at 500,000 cycles. The SM2-25 has a full stroke range of 25 inches and also offers an accuracy of .25 percent.

Celesco’s SM2 series miniature string pot has an operating temperature of 0° to 160°F and has a recommended maximum input voltage is 30 VDC. Applications for this sensor range from automation and control to structural testing and everything else in between.

The key benefits of the SM2 include:

  • Economically priced for single piece user and OEMs alike
  • Available stroke ranges of 2.5 to 25 inches
  • Voltage divider (10K ohm potentiometer) output signal
  • Glass-filled polycarbonate body
  • Plastic-hybrid precision potentiometer
  • .014-inch diameter nylon-coated stainless steel measuring cable
  • Free-release tolerant to 15 inches
  • 15 g maximum acceleration
  • .05% FS repeatability
  • High cycle life
  • Operating temperature of 0 to 160 F
  • Light weight
  • Easy installation